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Entrepreneur Wayne S. Bell is the leader behind some of today’s most innovative data-driven companies.  Educated at MIT, he has developed cutting-edge mathematical processes that greatly expand the strategic value organizations of all sizes can capture from artificial intelligence.

With today’s pressing environmental, social, and economic problems, it’s never been more important for organizations to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are unique in their ability to derive actionable insights from millions of data points—far more than could be evaluated by even the best human analyst.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Bell has been at the forefront of these emerging technologies – and, just as importantly, he has pioneered methods to make their benefits more accessible to decision-makers worldwide, including governments and NGOs.

Recently, his insight has been instrumental to upStream AI’ Total Waste Destruction technologies, a suite of innovations with the potential to meet on-site energy needs for large-scale desalination and wastewater processing plants.

Beyond “net-zero emissions,” these initiatives may actually help heal the planet while meeting growing needs for potable water in a world threatened by climate change and food insecurity.

Total Waste Destruction Offers the Solution to Today’s Global Energy Challenges

Facing increasingly dire reports from top scientists, world leaders came together to update and solidify their climate commitments at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. To protect the global ecosystem, emissions must decrease by nearly 50% by 2030.

The basic challenges are intractable. Developed nations fear the potential for reduced growth as they pivot to renewable energy. Developing nations chafe at the concept of a curb on their growth brought on by expectations those in the Global North never had to abide by.

Without innovation, collaboration simply can’t rise to the urgency of the moment.

Artificial Intelligence

After two decades using artificial intelligence to transform Fortune 50 enterprises, Mr. Bell entered an ambitious partnership with an international team of renewable energy engineers.

The result was upStream AI, now the leading designer of green wastewater processing and desalination systems and the only provider of Total Waste Destruction.

Informed by Mr. Bell’s unique analytics insight, upStream AI’s molecular refinery captures waste from processed water and converts it into clean energy. This goes one step further than “zero waste” by removing the need to construct transportation and distribution infrastructure.

Advanced clean power generation meeting 100% of on-site requirements is made possible via a new-to-the-world implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Never before has it been possible to characterize the chemical content of a wastewater volume down to the atomic level through a rapid, automated process with 99.99% accuracy.

Wayne S. Bell Helps Turn the Promise of Artificial Intelligence into Reality


Mr. Bell has advised CEOs and corporate boards across dozens of industries. By bringing the lofty promises of artificial intelligence and machine learning down to earth in practical forms, his work has added millions in revenue for multinationals and startups alike.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Bell set out to develop a mathematical framework that would make it possible for any type of business, at any size, scale, or stage of growth, to separate signal from noise and craft actionable strategic plans using artificial intelligence.

Inspired by data-driven process improvement modalities like Lean manufacturing and Kaizen, Mr. Bell conceived a system that would deliver a complete, holistic view of business data from customers, vendors, competitors, and internal processes.

This became the cornerstone of his strategic consultancy, 360 BizVue.
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Machine Learning

Available technology was not always equal to the scope of Mr. Bell’s vision. He continued to refine his ideas through multiple courses of graduate-level study at MIT, where he researched extensively on statistical process control and other advanced

As machine learning has continued to advance, he has been there every step of the way.

With his mathematical rigor and strategic acumen, Mr. Bell is sought for the development and implementation of bespoke business intelligence solutions. However, his own work at 360 BizVue places machine learning in the hands of small businesses and local “mom and pop” stores – that is, all the advantages of Fortune 100 technology without the billion-dollar budget.

As a result, artificial intelligence can be put to work for the community.

Together, We Can Apply New Ideas to Solve Intractable Problems


Through 360 BizVue, upStream AI, and their partner organizations on six continents, Mr. Bell is focused on creating conditions for lasting positive change – all around the world and right here at home.

Now and for the foreseeable future, the key to ecologically sound growth is found in artificial intelligence. Not only can it provide decision support, but highlight continuous improvement opportunities to clear the path for responsible stewardship of natural and social resources.

Call or email Mr. Bell today to discuss opportunities and challenges.


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